Match Previews: June 17

Group B point totals before today’s matches:

Germany- 6

Portugal- 3


Netherlands- 0

Here are the scenarios according to

• Germany are not quite through, but will be as group winners (meaning a match against Greece in Gdansk) if they draw. They will be knocked out, though, if they lose to Denmark by any result other than a one-goal defeat in which Germany score at least two AND Portugal win.

• Denmark will progress with any win. A draw will only be good enough if Portugal lose. If Denmark lose they are out.

• Portugal will be through with victory unless Denmark win by a one-goal margin (other than 2-1 and 1-0). They will progress with a draw unless Denmark win. Portugal will also be through if they lose by a one-goal margin and Denmark are also beaten.

• The Netherlands must win by a two-goal margin and hope Denmark also lose to finish second and take on the Czech Republic in Warsaw.

Germany vs. Denmark

Germany can make it easy for themselves with at least a point and a meeting with Greece on Friday. Denmark control their own destiny and will look to turn in a performance like the one they had against Netherlands. I think Germany will win 2-1.

Netherlands vs. Portugal 

Netherlands will be pushing up and hoping for at least two goals. Portugal will be doing a lot of scoreboard watching if they get behind, but must focus on their own match. I think Netherlands will win 2-0 meaning the Dutch will advance to the quarterfinals after only three points. After yesterday’s madness in Group A anything can happen at Euro 2012.


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